A-dec Dental Equipment

Connect to what's next.

A-dec 500 Pro: Experience a new level of connection

Work smarter, not harder

The future of dentistry is here, thanks to the A-dec 500 Pro. Featuring A-dec+ technology, this delivery system offers connectivity, accessibility, and flexibility that will change the way you work.

Experience connectivity

With seamless in-operatory control, this chair and its system connect with our A-dec+ updateable software platform to promote the successful evolution of your practice.

Intuitive, responsive technology keeps your practice up to date

Optimal access leaves patients at ease while placing essentials comfortably within reach

Flexible integration allows for future upgrades and versatile configurations

Gentle, supportive care balances functionality with comfort to elevate the patient experience

Choose what’s next for your practice

An A-dec 500 Pro delivery system with dental tools and an A-dec+ enabled DS7 touchpad lie on a grey background.
A-dec 500 Pro delivery system
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An A-dec 500 dental chair with Ebony upholstery is shown in front of a grey background.
A-dec 500 dental chair
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