A-dec Dental Equipment

A-dec dental operatory

A-dec Cleaning & Maintenance Solutions

Effective solutions for a healthy and efficient dental operatory environment.

A-dec ICX and ICX Renew Dental Waterline Maintenance Solutions

ICX and ICX Renew

ICX waterline treatment tablets and ICX Renew waterline shock treatment work together to eliminate buildups of odor-causing, foul-tasting microbial contamination and to prevent future accumulation. Formulated without harsh chemicals, they come ready to use.

A-dec Inspire dental cabinets with ICV

ICV vacuum-line cleaning system

This convenient vacuum-line cleaning system saves precious time—all while extending the life of your vacuum lines.

A-dec plus connected dentistry

A-dec+ connected dentistry

Imagine an expandable, upgradable technology platform that keeps your A-dec equipment relevant—and you ready—for whatever lies ahead.



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