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A-dec 500 Chair with Continental Delivery System and Dental Instruments

Built for Flexible Integration

From the start, A-dec has offered dental equipment that evolves with your practice and accommodates future technology. Now, with A-dec+, take your practice to the next level.

A-dec+ web and mobile application

Connect to what's next

A-dec+, an upgradable software platform, is at the heart of A-dec’s technological ecosystem. Once you register the enabled product on the A-dec+ app, new product features and enhancements will be available via software updates.

With a digital foundation in place, you can feel confident that your equipment will stay relevant as your practice grows, offering improved visibility into equipment performance and diagnostics.

A-dec+ connected dentistry helps you work more efficiently and predictably—for the life of your practice.

Seamless integration made easy

A-dec dental delivery systems offer a range of integration choices today and have the capability to seamlessly accommodate technologies as they evolve in the future.

With technology neatly integrated into the delivery system and positioned within easy reach, your workspace is efficient and comfortable. You have access to the equipment you need without getting up during a procedure or taking your focus off the oral cavity. And having everything at your fingertips is simply a more efficient way to practice.

A-dec 500 Pro delivery system with integrated dental handpieces
A-dec plus connected dentistry

A-dec+ connected dentistry

Imagine an expandable, upgradable technology platform that keeps your A-dec equipment relevant—and you ready—for whatever lies ahead.

What to look for when buying dental equipment

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Total Cost Of Ownership

Total cost of ownership

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