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Moving Dentistry Forward, Together.

For more than 50 years, A-dec has been more than just a manufacturer of high-quality dental equipment. As part of the larger dental community, we are committed to improving the lives of doctors, their staffs, their patients—and the industry as a whole.

Our mission is to continually move dentistry forward; it’s demonstrated in A-dec’s strong commitment to education. Knowledge powers success, and we enthusiastically share timely information, trends and best practices with doctors, dealers, and educators alike.

By creating long-term partnerships through education, A-dec provides doctors with the resources and support to build and maintain a successful dental practice.

Educational Resources

For general information about equipping your practice for success, request your complimentary What to Look for When Buying Dental Equipment guide.

For technical studies, see A-dec White Papers.

If you’d like product, maintenance or technical information about A-dec dental equipment, dental cabinets, dental handpieces and more, visit the A-dec Resource Center.

A-dec Partner Training

If you're looking for dealer sales or technical training, go to A-dec Accelerate, A-dec's partner training website for a list of available courses.