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A-dec dental chair with campfire upholstery in dental operatory

Are You Looking Beyond the Price Tag?

The dental equipment you use every day has a huge impact on you, your staff and your patients. Well-designed, high-quality equipment can increase your overall productivity, your physical comfort and ultimately, your success.

That’s why it’s important to consider the total cost of dental equipment beyond the acquisition phase. Reliability, maintenance, and longevity are all important factors that separate superior quality from low quality.

The true cost of ownership is about value — not only the value of the equipment, but the value of your time and productivity as well. So, you’ll want to make a wise investment.

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A-dec dental chair tested for reliability

Reliability is priceless

A-dec dental equipment is legendary for its quality and performance. When considering a long-term investment like dental equipment, ask yourself:

  • Has the equipment been tested to last at least 20 years?
  • Are parts readily available long after the warranty period and for the anticipated product life?
  • Is there a local manufacturer’s rep who will be your long-term partner?

Our engineers specifically design A-dec dental equipment with simplicity in mind—to prevent costly breakdowns and reduce the need for maintenance. Unreliable equipment that frequently breaks down or is out of service for maintenance not only cuts into your profit margin, it’s frustrating to you and your team.

How future-proof is your choice?

Not all dental equipment has the same lifespan. A-dec equipment is renowned for its long service life, because it’s carefully engineered, tested and built to last. Our dental chairs, for example, are tested to provide a minimum 20-year lifespan; other brands may only last 10 to 15 years. When you amortize the price over the number of years of service, the ownership costs of high-quality products are often lower in the long term.

It’s also important to consider the future expandability of your equipment. If you won’t be able to easily integrate new features or technology, you’re shortchanging yourself on the opportunity to expand your practice. A-dec designs with an eye to the future, to ensure you get the most for your investment.

A-dec 500 Pro delivery system with integrated dental handpieces
A-dec dental equipment presence around the world

A wise investment

Private practitioners, dental schools, and government institutions around the world choose A-dec equipment for its dependability and low total cost of ownership.

In fact, A-dec is the preferred choice for more than 80% of North American dental schools. And, chosen more often than all other manufacturers combined for dental schools and government clinics in over 100 countries worldwide. Even institutions on fixed or very tight budgets select A-dec more often than any other brand.

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